A Brief History of Hip Hop Music

Hip-HopThe term Hip Hop is often associated with the genre of music that evolved from the disco rap of the 70’s and 80’s, but Hip Hop is also a sub-culture consisting of elements of music, art and dance. Discos took the world by storm when they began to emerge in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After that the DJ’s began to get out of the disco and take center stage in shows and concerts all over the world. This is the time Hip hop really evolved as a genre of music. MC’ing became a rage among the Hip hop artists and more and more DJ’s started playing in discos. Rapping is the style of singing that developed as a result of this phenomenon. So we more or less associate rapping with hip hop because they share a common style of rhythmic and extensive vocal music along with DJ loops and bass beats.

It was chance that Keith Cowboy chanted the syllables hip-hop in a rhythmic and repetitive manner and developed this technique to mimic US army cadets marching along with music, in music. He didn’t know what the impact would be in the history of music, but a few bands gradually picked up this style and it became popular.

DJ Hollywood is another hip hop artist who is associated with the hip hop culture developing in the 70’s and 80’s. His style of music was deeply influenced by the disco culture of the 70’s. Unlike other rappers and MC’s of the time, his tunes were faster, more complex and often had very fast vocal sections. He would go on to become of the most popular artists of the time.

The 80’s saw a dramatic influence of the technology that was at hand. Synthesized beats, complex structures created using bass and beat techniques gave birth to a whole new dimension of hip hop music which composed of long sections of music and less lyrical content. Artists like Afrika Bambaataa fused electronic with the old school rapping style of music and laid the seeds for the type of music that was to come in the 90’s.

New school hip hop of the 90’s really came into existence around 1983-84 in New York City. The drug and crime scene in New York along with the rising popularity of rock music which had lyrics which talked about drug, sex, crime, lawlessness, hatred, freedom, etc. soon became subjects for songs not only in rock but also in hip hop. Public Enemy, De La Soul and Jungle Brothers among others were the stalwarts of the Golden Era of Hip Hop. These artists were also influenced by jazz which had gained mainstream importance toward the late 90’s.

Hip Hop has evolved from being a genre of music to a culture that was in turn influenced by many other forms of music over the last three or four decades. Today people relate to it being mainstream and world music which continues to evolve each day even in the 21st century.

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