How Music Works

How Music WorksHow Music Works is a beautiful book written by David Byrne. Beautiful is not really the right word. His book is more like a divine intervention in the world of music. You can’t really call it a biography as there is a lot of influence and teaching of music involved in it. Nevertheless, it is said to be one of the best write-ups of the year. He explains the way music has changed over time and the different people who have made a difference to music. He has also made references of the different geological, cultural and social changes and the toll it took on the music created by him and others. He has also references of ‘Talking Heads’, a group with whom he made music and made the money

David Byrne was born in Scotland on May 14, 1952. The family moved to Maryland when Byrne was 9 years old. He started his music career in high school with duo Bizadi and Kehoe. Later on, Frantz and his girlfriend Weymouth joined the gang. They named their band ‘Talking Heads’. They played their first gig in 1975. Together they made great music. Jerry Harrison, who was a multi-instrumentalist, joined in 1977. Their band made big songs like ‘April Showers’, ’96 Tears’ and Frank Sinatra songs. In 1988, David Byrne decided he wanted to go on his own. It took the band three years to announce that they were no longer a team and they had broken up.

Even while he was in the band, Byrne took outside projects. He never felt shy of experimenting with different forms of music. His first went solo with ‘Rei Moi’ after leaving the band. Different forms of music like Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and even dance forms like merengue, samba and mambo found a place in his album. He gave some really good hits like ‘Girls on my Mind’ and ‘The Cowboy Mambo’

Besides ‘How Music Works’, David Byrne has written a number of other books. His hits include ‘Bicycle Diaries’, ‘Arboretum’, ‘EEEI’, ‘The New Sins’, ‘What Is It?’, ‘Your Action World’, ‘Strange Ritual’ and ‘True Stories’. Some of the albums he made are ‘Love This Giant’, ‘Here Lies Love’, ‘Everything that Happens Will Happen On This Tour’, ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’ among the rest

‘How Music Works’ is a book written in a way a common man who has no musical background or never understood the depth of music is written. It gives you an in-depth knowledge of music without getting the reader bored. Here, David Byrne, writes about the ups and downs music has brought him. He talks about having the freedom to create music as well as the pressures of giving hits. He talks about the crazy behaviour of fans around and seeing genius people make their music. He has written about the passion, fervour and the life that music has given him and the calm and serene feeling he felt thru the music he created.

Wasn’t really surprised that when the book was published on September 12, 2012, it was one of ‘Amazon best Books of the Month’


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